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About The Book

About The Book

What happens when the most prominent examples of Christianity no longer resemble the teachings of Jesus?

What does the Bible actually say about evolution, environmentalism, racism, sex, sexuality, feminism, gender identity, capitalism, warfare, inclusivity, and social justice?

Has the church been hijacked by the same toxic principles it was originally meant to oppose?

Is Christianity ultimately defined by an intellectual ascension of Jesus as Lord and Savior or is there something more?

Should the Bible be an infallible authority in the scientific community?

Can one be a progressive activist and a Christian?

Is there a place for Christianity and the church in the 21st century?

Walk with Christopher VanHall as he answers these questions in Reborn Again.

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  • Brian D. McLaren


    Every week, it seems, another study comes out detailing how young adults are leaving Evangelical churches. But some aren't leaving the faith: they're pioneering new ways of being Christian and new ways of being church. In "Reborn Again," Christopher VanHall tells his story, full of pain, breakthrough, boldness, and insight. I think you'll find it surprising and inspiring.

  • Rev. Dr. LaTaunya M. Bynum

    Regional Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Northern California-Nevada

    Christopher VanHall’s book, “Reborn Again: Crucifying Christendom & Resurrecting a Radical is another contribution to the important conversation about what the church of Jesus Christ will look like in the 21st Century. As he recounts his journey from conservative evangelicalism to progressive Christianity he tells a compelling story of his growing and changing expression of faith.

    Each chapter describes an in his ministry and how he was led to respond. Acting and speaking with boldness, sometimes well received, and sometimes not, he continues to raise his progressive voice and to do ministry in new and unusual ways, drawing people to the gospel of justice, activism, and hope.

  • Dr. Christy Byrd

    North Carolina State University

    Lately it seems like "Christianity" and "social justice" don't even exist in the same worlds, much less the same person. Many of us who grew up in the evangelical church but now identify as progressives struggle to reconcile the beauty of the "good news" with the behavior of our fellow Christians. Should we even call ourselves Christian, or should we hide under the label of "spiritual" while we do our social justice work? In this book, Christopher shows us his journey from a theology of hate and fear to an embrace of Christ's message of love and justice because social justice and Christianity can (and do!) belong in the same person.

  • Rev. Steve Roach Knight

    Co-founder/Board Member of Transform Network, transformnetwork.org

    "The journey from conservative evangelicalism into a more expansive, inclusive, progressive faith is a hard one for many of us. There is a lot of pain and letting go. In courageously telling his story -- with pastoral insight along the way -- Christopher VanHall is telling many of our stories and shining a light on the path for those who would make the journey next."

  • Brian D. McLaren
  • Rev. Dr. LaTaunya M. Bynum
  • Dr. Christy Byrd
  • Rev. Steve Roach Knight
About The Author

About The Author

Christopher Vanhall

Christopher is the lead pastor of Greater Purpose Community Church, and the visionary behind the Greater Purpose Brewing Company in Santa Cruz, California.

Greater Purpose is a progressive Christian church that sold its massive sanctuary to finance a charitable brewery that raises funds for socially progressive nonprofits.

The story of Greater Purpose, and Christopher have been featured on NBC, NowThis media, and more.


| Facebook.com/RealChristopherVanHall
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